April Fool’s Day Breakfast

For April Fool’s Day this year I decided to make my kids a breakfast they would LOVE – ice cream sundaes and cookies!  The trick?  The “ice cream” was actually from my Dessert Bullet (the most wonderful kitchen tool and deserving of a post all it’s own), which means it was really just frozen fruit.  I added some strawberry sauce, crushed nuts and unsweetened coconut and it looked just like a “real” sundae!  The cookies were actually Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies which were such a hit even my husband said he now likes them better than the chocolate chip cookies.

If you ever have trouble getting your kids to the table for breakfast, I highly recommend serving this!  I’ve never seen them come running to eat as quickly as this!

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Cooking with kids video: Delicious potatoes

potatoes.resizeAlthough it still feels like winter here we’ve been dreaming of summer, and one thing that always makes me think of summer is having a campfire, so I couldn’t resist buying this Camp Mix seasoning.  Turns out it’s even better than I expected!  Not only is it full of delicious, kid friendly spices (great flavor, but not too spicy!), it’s also made in New Hampshire, AND it’s turned my boys into potato lovers!  Before this they were all pretty sure they didn’t like potatoes, or tomatoes for that matter — possibly because they rhyme with potatoes (?) not sure.   Now, they practically beg me to make these, so I figured why not teach them to make them themselves!  Ding!  Another reason to love them, less work for me 🙂 Continue reading

“Snow Day Snack” Avocado Hummus

We’ve had so much snow this year that “snow days” have now become “snack days” in our house.   If they can’t be at school, at least they can have fun at home learning to cook and make their favorite snacks.  This one has quickly become a favorite in our house.  It tastes great and the kids love anything they can dip food in and eat with their fingers!

Here, Brody (age 5) and Liam (age 4) show us how to make Avocado Hummus.

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