M’Organic Meals

If you want to start feeding your family real food, but think it may be too expensive, this is your cheat sheet!

ingredients.resizeThere’s an ongoing concern in this country that eating fresh, real food has become a privilege for the wealthy, while those with less money are almost forced to choose processed foods because they’re less expensive.  I’ve experienced this myself.  When I first changed our diet I was buying all organic, all expensive food, all the time — until my husband looked at our bank statement and threatened to dial Domino’s for dinner if I didn’t get control of this spending.

Once I put my mind to it I realized that by making careful choices I could still feed my family healthy, fresh, meals without breaking the bank.  I realized I could save by choosing organic where it counts (check out the list here), and still create meals with  ingredients like grass-fed and organic meats, wild caught seafood, and fresh produce.  Meals that I’ve started calling “M’organic” – mostly organic, 100% real.

With these $20 meals that feed 4 people (or, in our case, they feed 6 since our four kids eat less than an adult), it makes it easy to “Eat Rich, but Spend Real”.  Every recipe  lists the price per ingredient (for the total package and the amount in the meal) and whether or not there are leftovers from each ingredient – great to use in future meals!  What’s not included in the price are common spice/pantry items such as olive oil, salt, pepper and other spices.


Fish Tacos


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