Junk Free SNOW day! Making homemade mozzarella cheese

This week the kids and I all cheered when school was cancelled due to a snow storm.  They were excited for obvious reasons, but I was excited because it meant our neighbor could come over and teach us how to make cheese!  To be honest, I had never even considered making my own cheese but when she mentioned we could whip up a big batch of fresh mozzarella in 30 minutes I started praying for snow. Continue reading

A birthday cake disaster and small victories

liam bdayThis week our youngest, Liam, turned 4, our first birthday party since starting our real food journey.  The plan was simple: go to the bouncy house and then back home for lunch and cake.   Luckily he only wanted to have his brothers and one friend at his “party” so I didn’t have to make a lot of food (just some quick, all-natural pizzas), but I did have to make the most important food of the event – the cake!  I spent hours online trying to find a sugar free recipe and even made a few cupcakes days before the party to test out the flavor.  Not bad!  Unfortunately, somewhere between the cupcakes and doubling the recipe for the cake something went wrong and the cake went from” not bad” to “very very bad”!  On top of it all, the frosting was, as the birthday boy put it, “just weird!”. Continue reading