Meal Makeover! Chicken a la King

Every week my inbox fills up with delicious looking recipes from companies like Betty Crocker.  The not so delicious part of the recipes are all of the artificial ingredients!  However, being a busy mom, I can see the appeal of trading real food for the real convenience that pre-packaged products provide.  So, every week I challenge myself to do a real meal makeover with one of the recipes by swapping out the fake food but keeping it a quick and easy meal.  This week was Chicken a la King and it turned out so well I actually made it on Thursday and Sunday! Continue reading

Flaky Crust and Apple Turnovers – comfort food with truly comforting ingredients!

Every year around this time I start adding more “comfort” foods into our menu.  When the weather gets cooler I  just start craving things like apple pie and bubbly warm casseroles.  It recently occurred to me that a lot of these fall recipes call for Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, and if you’ve taken a look at the ingredients in these you’ve realized the list is definitely not comforting! Continue reading

Mussel Maine-ia

Although the weather’s quickly turning cooler, we managed to sneak in a few more days on the island.  And even if it is cooler,  it’s always sunny when you have the right accessory! sunny Continue reading

Kids, cottage and cobbler

One of the things I love most about my husband, in addition to his great sense of humor, big heart and blue eyes, is his 127-year-old family cottage on an island in Maine.  This magical place is the most amazing playground for our boys, with no cars, just boardwalks and paths through green forests with tall pines, spongy moss floors, fresh natural springs that you can drink right out of, tons of wild blueberry, raspberry and blackberry bushes and even a very cool (slightly dangerous) tree fort in the middle of it all.


Continue reading