Stop the sugar rush with this healthy treat!

Looking for a way to stop the sugar rush before it starts?   I came up with this recipe in an attempt to stop the sugar rush so my kids can be their naturally sweet selves.   It’s chock full of ingredients that have been shown to slow sugar absorption such as whole grains, fiber, healthy fat, and cinnamon.  It’s not only delicious and healthy, but it really helps to balance their blood sugar so I’m not dealing with four hyper kids!

stop the sugar rush with a healthy balance biscuit

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A snow sundae – on the first day of Spring ?!

If life gives you lemons make lemonade.

And if Spring gives you snow….make a sundae!

A pure, natural treat with just fresh snow, strawberries and maple syrup.

So easy, the kids can do it themselves.


Fresh Strawberry Vanilla Pancakes

These are so incredibly delicious they shouldn’t even be called pancakes. They deserve a fancy French dessert name that makes it sound like they took 8 hours to make.  Fortunately, you can whip them up in only a few minutes and their vanilla- cinnamon-berry perfection will make even an ordinary Monday taste like a special occasion.  Your kids will love them! Continue reading

Maple Mania

As I mentioned on Facebook, I am now obsessed with my new discovery from this weekend — Maple Cream!
bread maple cream
This month is Maple Month here in New Hampshire, which is just perfect for us since honey and syrup are our main sweeteners these days. So on Saturday we took a little family field trip to Meader’s Heritage Farm in Rochester, NH to learn about how they make the syrup. As it turned out, my 1st grader and kindergartners knew a lot more about the process than I did!

When we pulled into the farm I instantly felt like we had stepped into a Christmas card, complete with snow falling! — Yes, snow on March 22nd! Ugh! This adorable farm has stone walls, two big friendly work horses leaning their heads over the fence for the kids to pet and a picture perfect sleigh parked against the barn.
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