Junk Free Valentine’s Day Fruit Kabobs!

kabobs cropLet me start by saying that if you have 4 little kids and each of them need to bring in a treat for their class’s Valentine’s party, you may want to reconsider making fruit kabobs.  Ugh.  My fingers are still sore from all the cutting and pushing the fruit onto the sticks.  But, there’s just something about eating food off a stick that kids love…especially if they’re my kids and the sticks then become swords when the fruit is gone.

Of course, you don’t really need a recipe to make fruit kabobs, but I did discovered there a few tricks that make it a little easier.

To get started, choose your ingredients and tools (carefully).


Fruit.  Options that work well are: Pineapple, Strawberries, Blueberries, Grapes, Watermelon.  A fruit option that doesn’t work too well, cantaloupe (as you can see in the above picture!).


6-10″ wooden skewers (I used bamboo).  Make sure you get skewers (they have the pointy end) and not lollipop sticks

cookie cutters (I used a small heart shape… and also a random leaf shape because of my unfortunate choice of using cantaloupe which didn’t cut into pieces that were big enough for my heart cutter 🙁 )


Now here’s the tricky part (at least for me) — cutting the fruit in such a way that you can get the most number of shapes out of each piece.

If you’re using pineapple I found that it’s easiest to just cut it into 1/2″ thick rounds.  Don’t worry about coring it or taking off the skin.

pineapple1 crop

Then just press your cookie cutter into the fruit trying to avoid the center core area.

pineapple log crop

pineapple stencil crop

Pop the heart shapes out and let the kids play with the rest!

finn crop

If you’re using strawberries, just cut off the tops and cut a notch in the top of each berry creating the V for the heart.


Then just slice the berry lengthwise a couple of times to get about 2-3 pieces from each one.
strawberry crop

If using a watermelon, choose a seedless variety and treat it just like the pineapple. I used a cantaloupe and it’s hard to get a good solid piece to work with because of all the messy seeds inside. I’d definitely choose watermelon next time (if I ever do this again!)

There is some waste when you’re cutting out shapes, but I just threw all the bits of fruit that were too small for my cookie cutter into a bowl and it was gone in no time!


I’d love to hear what other people made for Valentine’s Day! You can never have too many “healthy” treat options for a holiday like this!

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