Choosing produce – organic or not?

A big part of eating Real Food and buying organic is to avoid GMOs  and pesticides.  Fortunately, most GMOs are not found in the produce aisle, so at least in this area of the store our main concern is the pesticides used on the foods.  When shopping I only choose organic for produce that has been shown to have a high level of pesticide and I turn to the Environmental Working Group to find out what is “safe”.

Every year the people at the Environmental Working Group ( test produce to identify which are the most contaminated with pesticides.  They then release their list of the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean Fifteen”.  But, they actually test 51 different items and rank them from dirtiest (1) to cleanest (51).  To make sure I’m applying their knowledge to all of my produce I just split their list in half and anything that ranks from #1 to #26 on their pesticide scale I buy organic.  Here’s the chart I made to help me when shopping.

Organic Produce: What to Eat and How to Cheat

Buy OrganicSave! Buy Conventional (Don't Spend More On These!)Buy OrganicSave on These and Buy Conventional (Don't waste money on the organic version!)
cherry tomatoescabbagecherriescantalope
corn (may be GMO)cauliflowergrapesgrapefruit
hot peppersgreen onionspeacheskiwi
green beansmushroomspearsmango
leafy greens (kale, collard)onionsplumsoranges
lettucesnap peas (domestic)raspberriespineapple
potatoessweet peas (frozen)strawberrieswatermelon
snap peas (imported)sweet potatoestangerines
summer squash (domestically grown)winter squash
sweet peppers
zucchini (may be GMO)

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