Taste Test! Strawberry water

liam crop 3Since starting on our Junk Free Journey my boys have been the ultimate judges on whether a recipe is good, and whether they like it or not it’s always fun to see their reactions.

Recently my 4-year-old brought home a request from his preschool that I send in a powdered drink mix for him to have at school.  I spent some time looking at the ingredients of the ones at the store, and just couldn’t find anything that didn’t have a zillion different unpronounceable ingredients, which got me thinking….

Why not create my own drink powder by pounding freeze-dried fruit and pouring it into water?

The results were mixed but, as always, it was fun to see their reactions.  I think it’s pretty good, and the strawberries by themselves are a great crunchy, sweet snack. I used Crunchies Freeze-Dried Fruit Snack, which I like because they have a really great color and texture (all natural of course!).
If you try it at home, let me know what you think!


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